• Chat real-time

    Chat30s help you to receive and reply the message from website’s visitors in real time. As the result, you can directly advise your customers exactly when they need.

    • Answer library

      Do you spend too much time for answering customers? Typing a reply for the same questions make you frustrated? The answer library is an optimal solution for you.

      This feature allows you to write the reply template for common questions. After that, choose the answer in library by a right click and send to the customers when you are chatting. You can save the working time and support more customers in the same time.

      Information of visitors

      Chat30s provides all the necessary information of visitors in order to give the better assistance for your customers. For example, you can have location information, email address, phone number, the previous website they have seen, IP address and their browser

    • Attach note for chat

      By attach note for chatting, you can easily summarize all the matters and requirements from customers. Make notes in the chat window with each customer when you have the important information about the customers; avoid missing information especially when you support more customers in the same time.

      Sharing File

      In the special situation, sharing file is a necessary feature of Chat30s. With easy manipulation in chat window, you and your customers can easily share file . You can share up to 6 file formats: PDF (.pdf), PNG (.png), JPEG (.jpeg), JPG (.jpg), GIF (.gif), ZIP (.zip). Moreover, you can share more files in the same time, maximum 20 files.

    • Exchange history

      It is difficult to understand your customers. When visitors come back to website, chatting history can help you to know customer’s demand to give the best advice.

      Block the visitors

      With the visitors who intentionally disturb, you can block their interaction through Chat30s in a certain time.

    • Notification

      Sound and notification on your display from Chat30s make sure you will not miss any new message from visitors. You can freely choose the conditions and the type of message you want.

    • Forward

      Employees can forward chat to others with easy manipulation. When you are chatting with visitors, employees can forward to others in available status with forward manipulation just below the chat box.

    • Complain keyword

      You do not know when the customers are annoyed with your employees. Complain keyword feature will solve your problems, you can easily follow customers when they are chatting. You can set up the keywords, such as: Annoyed, dislike, ... When the conversation of customers and your employees have this keywords, you will receive an email notification. As a result, you can take care of your customers better.

    • Save

      Save all the chatting and send to a certain email address to easily find the necessary information in the future.

    • Robot Chat

      The system will automatically answer according the sample. This feature allow you to write the answer, when the customer’s chatting content similar with the sample, the system will automatically answer according the sample, this feature save the time.

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