Every chat is an opportunity. With Chat30 you can actively send automated chat invitation, timely support to increase the trust of customers with your brand.

    Chat button

    You can put the chat button in anywhere on the website to make easier for the visitors. When they click on the chat button, chat window will open.

    • Distribute Chat

      Chat request will be send to available facilitators in the department that the customers choose. If do not have the choose department (you do not activate this mode) then all the available facilitators are notified chat request.

      Chat requests are distributed equally (if you do not set priority) , the suitable facilitators are notified chat request and the facilitator who respond first will be the one who interact with the visitor. The others cannot send message to visitor

      Chat on many website

      If you are running many website in the same time, you can completely use only one Chat30s account and register multiple members to respond to all the chat from visitors to all those websites.

    • Offline message

      It will have the form for customers to leave their information if there are no online facilitators. That way will have you to keep up with customers without missing out anyone.

      Support group

      If you own website have different categories and different group chat to support for each category, you are wondering how to connect customers with the right facilitator? Chat30s allow to set up specific group chat for each link on the website. When the customers visit a link on website and chat, the chat will be delivered to the right support group to support customers quickly.

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