• Robot chat

    Do you always have to respond same question in many times ?

    Customers don’t satisfy because of your late response

    Robot chat feature of Chat30s will help you to solve all these problem !

    • Features

      HSystem will automatic respond follow your script. This feature allows you to write answer scripts. When customers ask same question as your script, system will respond automatic, this will save time for your employees.

      You can write different scripts without limitation. You can also set up robot chat in situation by detail chat question. Robot chat will help you to interact with customers but your customers don’t feel like they are chatting with an robot.

      Robot and your employees will work at the same time, and it will help you to respond quickly and save your time.

    • Advantages

      Improve response time to customers

      Increase the ability to lock deal sales

      Easy to manage, custom script library questions

      Make your work more effective

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